Tough Mudder Costs & Discounts

Tough Mudder Costs & Discounts

What does Tough Mudder cost?

North American Season Pass & Regional Pass 2019

If you are travelling a lot through North America and/or you can not get enough of Tough Mudder you may want to get the North American Season Pass.

For $499 you will have the possibility to attend 30+ Tough Mudder events!

If you are a little less addicted you have the possibility to buy a Regional Pass that allows you to participate in three events for $299.

Admittedly, Tough Mudder isn’t cheap. Register early, and the starting fee will be about $125. Every few weeks, prices increase.

This progressive pricing system isn’t only for marketing purposes, but also for easier planning.

If everybody registered in the nick of time, there might not be enough headbands, T-shirts, drinks, power bars, etc. for all Mudders.

Registering early also makes great sense from a psychological stand point: It gives you a concrete goal to prepare for 😉

Tough Mudder training program

How to reduce the Tough Mudder entry fee

Groups sometimes get a discount on the Tough Mudder entry fee.

There are a couple of ways to reduce the entry fee:

Is the Tough Mudder price justified?

Is the price of Tough Mudder justified?

You might ask yourself whether an entry fee of at least $125 is justified and worth it. Strictly speaking, those are two different questions.

Let’s start with whether the $125 are justified from an economic stand point.

Everyone who knows anything about event planning and sees the rented location with its numerous obstacles and mud pits can imagine the huge amounts of money the organization team invested in the event.

Additionally, there are costs for employees, marketing, etc. Tough Mudder even has an own company that designs, creates and tests obstacles.

All of that needs to be paid for and – surprise, surprise – of course they want to make a little profit in the end, too 😉

So the entry fee is definitely justified!

Is the Tough Mudder entry fee worth it?

Tough Mudder - definitely worth the entry fee!

Of course, the answer to this question is highly subjective.

Compared to paying an equal amount of money for a marathon and running monotonously on asphalt for 26 miles, we from Mudder Guide would choose Tough Mudder every time!

During the race, you often think that you’ll never do this to yourself again, for example when you got another electroshock from Electric Eel.

After you’ve crossed the finish line, however, you’ll immediately think: “Awesome. I have to do that again!”

Despite of this, you will wear your Tough Mudder headband and your Tough Mudder finisher shirt proudly.

For $125, we don’t know anything that can give you a similar feeling. Even if you sign up late and have to pay more, it’s well worth the money!

Tough enough for muddy whispers?!

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